How ‘Bout That Mess?

Some souvenirs of long-ago nights out, circa 1938 – check out the elegant signature of Fats Waller on a card from the Yacht Club; fatschick fatschick2

and the plainer autographs of drummer Chick Webb and protegee Ella Fitzgerald, at Boston’s Cocoanut Grove. fatschick01fatschick201

The Yacht Club lasted a good long time on 52nd Street, but the Cocoanut Grove, opened in 1927, was the scene of a horrific fire in November 1942 – nearly 500 revelers dead on the scene and 200 more injured.  By that time, Chick was gone for over three years and Fats would pass away suddenly at the end of 1943. Fortunately, Ella lived on for another half-century, spreading great music around the world.

coconut grove

So one never knows, do one?