Bad Timing


Needless to say, being named “Student of the Week” in my 6th grade class on November 21, 1963, did not leave much time to celebrate.  But Robert Becker was a great homeroom teacher – he even looked a bit like a rumpled JFK.  I’ll always be grateful to him for turning me on to American composer Charles Ives by playing his music in class – where and when else were 10-year-olds exposed to such music?

I asked my poor Dad to get me an Ives album – Bernstein and the NY Phil playing Ives’ Second Symphony. He got it at Heinz and Bolet on Park Row and was rather surprised when he saw the cover, with a rather scruffy photo of the aged composer.


“Is this really the album you want?,” Dad asked. Yes, it was!  And I still treasure it.

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