Troglytes & Periwinkles

A further thought on the 1939 Fair – the sleekly Deco-iconic Theme Center, the Trylon and Perisphere, were constructed of little more than pasteboard squares over a metal framework.  Mere months after the exposition opened, people were already remarking on the increasingly ratty, peeling appearance of the objects.  Perhaps they look better in photos and memories 1939fairthan up close and personal. Lamenting in the 1960s over their destruction, I can only imagine how they would have looked in 1964 had they been left standing. large planet of the apes blu-ray11

One thought on “Troglytes & Periwinkles

  1. Dave, I live in a 1937 home with interiors of Sheetrock brand gypsum board, then a novelty in residential building. On reading that Theme Center was constructed of “pasteboard” – a paper product that one day of rainy weather would leave a soggy mess – I was immediately skeptical! The discussion at this World’s Fair forum suggests the skin was indeed gypsum board, presumably overlaid with plaster and exterior type paint.

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